Welcome to Alsons Consolidated Int'l

Alsons Consolidated International (ACI) is a sister concern of a well established industrial group operating in Pakistan since 1953. The company was formed on the basis of catering the needs of the ever growing industrial activity within the oil and gas sector. Since then, activities developed from a limited number of assignments for the oil and gas marketing companies (OMCs) to large turnkey projects for the same.

Alsons Consolidated International is today focused on developing new business in Pakistan within the oil and gas, energy based on its long standing expertise in specialized equipment sales, management, operation and maintenance. The company strives to improve all its areas of business by monitoring and evaluating changes in related technologies. We remain in constant search for strategic business alliance by establishing partnerships or joint ventures with international companies to satisfy the needs of global markets through provisioning of world class products.                                                                                                                     

Alsons Green Policy:
Our aim is to play a part in helping to reduce greenhouse gases by offering solutions to the energy needs of Pakistan through renewable means. In the long-term it is our goal that Alsons Consolidated International (ACI) creates a positive legacy of environmental enhancement and sustainable use for the benefit of environment and people.
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